David Hill

I was raised in a Christian home and attended a private Lutheran school from early childhood through graduation from high school. However, I was nearly 40 years old before I came to truly know the Lord.

I now understand that salvation is not in a confirmation ceremony, a sinner’s prayer, or in a response to an altar call. Salvation is by faith in Christ alone, and saving faith in Christ will always be accompanied by true repentance.

Bill & Rita Schertz

Rita and I were both born in Illinois and raised on farms about 100 miles from each other.  We met at Bradley University in Peoria, IL in 1963 and were married on June 26, 1965.  We both confessed our sins, repented and accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior in 1971.  I was employed by Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria for 37 years retiring in 2001.  We have two children and 5 grandchildren, plus one soon to be adopted # 6.  We spent 4 years in Leicester, England for Caterpillar (1974-1978) and traveled throughout Europe during those 4 years. We snowbirded to Ocala, FL for 9 winters after retirement and attended FBC Ocala during that time.  We moved there permanently in January 2010 and joined First Baptist Church of Ocala, Florida in July 2010.


Elaine Frameli

At the age of five I was sexually abused by my father.  I grew up being afraid of men, hating them or being ruled by them.  After a 9½ year marriage & subsequent divorce, I worked 2 eight-hour jobs (one as a bartender) until I obtained a good paying job with the federal government.  I worked 65 hrs a week to prove I was not useless and could support my two sons.  Although I thought I was a good person, I was comparing myself to the drunks I served at bars and to the criminals I dealt with as a federal officer.
After years of living on the edge, I planned to commit suicide.  I had been looking for love in all the wrong places and was living a life of sin.  During the 1980’s, the news about the aids epidemic scared me and satan had convinced me that I had contracted aids.  I went through months of searching for answers and wondering what my family would do or say if I was positive.  I decided to get tested before going through with suicide.  When the results were negative, I was astonished.  Why did I have to go through such agony and despair all these months?  I was so convinced by satan that I had aids, hearing the negative results was simply overpowering.  I cried when I got into my car, and God touched me by giving me laughter.  It was then I knew in my heart He wanted me to LIVE.  It was as if He had come down from heaven and “touched” me!  The joy in my heart when I realized God loved me was overwhelming!  I immediately trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, turned from my old ways of thinking, and started a new life in Christ.
        I was 48 years old when I decided to live for Jesus Christ.  I now have the Love that I had always searched for and needed… the Love of Jesus Christ!  I pray that I will continue to tell others how they can find the Love they have been searching for!  Have YOU found His unconditional love?


Melody Parker

I was born the oldest of 8 children in Michigan to parents who took me to church where I learned about Jesus.  After my parents divorced and after choosing to do wrong things, I was 13 years old when I repented of my sins and Christ became my Savior and Lord.  I went to Grand Rapids Baptist College, moved to Florida where I met and married my husband, and am now the mother of one daughter. I am serving now as a middle school teacher.


Greg DelDuce

Raised in the Catholic faith, the Lord Jesus used the circumstances in my life to bring me into a personal relationship with Him at the age of fifty. My spiritual walk has grown stronger and deeper by His grace and Holy Spirit who guide me. Serving our creator and being built up in the faith is a privilege I share with fellow believers who choose to serve our mighty God until He takes us home or returns in glory.

Althea & Richard Anderson

Richard and Althea Anderson are members of the Evangelism Team and also members at First Baptist Church of Ocala. We're newlyweds, married in April of 2010 at First Baptist.  Jesus, The Christ, is our Savior and the Lord of our lives. We strive to be obedient to Him, by reaching out to people who don't realize that if they die without repenting of their sins, and trusting Lord Jesus and Him alone for salvation, they will spend an eternity in torment in a very real hell. The Gospel (Good News about Jesus) is very clear on this!
We've been followers of Jesus for a long time, but are ever-growing in the depth of our faith and trust in Jesus. He is God Almighty, Savior of the entire human race, and will return to judge everyone. Now is the time to repent and to throw yourself on the mercy of God in the Lord Jesus.

Rick Sessions

Nataya Hatch


I was born and raised in a Southern Baptist home. My father was a minister and mother a very godly lady. My three sisters and one brother are all active in their church.  I was baptized at age six in Carrabelle, FL, at First Baptist Church. We moved to Alabama and my youth years were spent helping my father who God had called to be Director of Missions in several associations in south and north Alabama. I remember helping with Vacation Bible School and other summer activities. At age 16 the Holy Spirit began revealing to me that my baptism had not saved me. I was a lost sinner doomed to hell. Having heard a sermon on hell preached many times I knew I did not want to go there.  I remember repenting of my sins and asking Jesus to forgive me and change my heart. I surrendered my life to Jesus, putting my trust in Him. I joined the U.S. Air Force in 1958 serving in Texas, Alabama, Korea, and Florida. LaRue and I were married in 1961.  God blessed us with four children: Jackie, Wayne, Beth and Gerald. We now have 10 grandchildren. We came to Ocala in 1967 and started Mid Florida Farm and Garden Center which we operated for 33 years. I was on staff at Interfaith Emergency Services for 6 years before retiring. We both love FBC and enjoy many activities. I presently serve as a deacon, trustee, member of the Vision Team, and substitute as an adult Bible study teacher.

Frank Hickman


Rachel & Ken Demoliner


David Gill


Savannah Parker

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