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Health, finance, family, the future - life is full of questions.

There are also many more really important questions.

How can I be saved? What is God like? Is God speaking?

Who am I? What went wrong? Is sin serious? Can religion help?

Why the cross? Is there an answer? Which way now?

Where do I go from here? Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

The Ultimate Questions are about God.

  • Does He exist?
  • What is He like?
  • Does He care about me?
  • Can I really know Him?
  • What does He expect from me?
  • What has He done for me?
  • What will He do for me?
  • How will that happen?

You need real answers to these very important questions.

John Blanchard's booklet Ultimate Questions tackles these questions and more,and answers them simply, clearly and directly.

This booklet should be read by every family member.

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